Massage Treatments

Massage is the perfect partnering of health and relaxation. Soothe sore muscles, relax body tension and calm the mind.
Our massage therapists provide an unrivaled experience, leaving you feeling relaxed, refocused and re-energized.

What to Expect: 

All Massage services are provided by a professional licensed massage therapist.

Upon your first visit, you will be asked to complete a confidential medical form. Evaluation of the form and a brief discussion of your lifestyle will enable the therapist to customize your massage.

During the treatment you will be draped in a professional manner, only exposing the area being worked on.

Benefits – Improves circulation and relieves stress. Increases supply of blood and nutrients to muscles and decreases lactic acid, reduces muscular tension and balances the nervous system.

Types of Massage Available
Swedish, Circulatory, Sports, Deep Tissue, Reflexology.

Specialty Massage
Stone Massage, Stress Fix Massage, Perfecting Plant Peel, and Spa Massage