Aveda hair color is naturally derived and plant based. It’s free from animal testing and is a product that we are proud to stand behind. It’s rich, vibrant colors are always bold, the undertones always beautiful and highlights always brilliant. As fun as it is to wear, it’s just as fun for us to apply, knowing we’re utilizing a product that has so much innovation and integrity behind it. Aveda is like no other brand of hair color.

Find out for yourself.


Balayage- $115 & up
One Process Color-$60 & up
Deposit Only Color-$60 & up
Full Foiling-$100 & up
Full foiling w/ 2 colors-$115 & up
Partial Foiling-$85 & up
Color Balancing  or Glossing (add to color cost)-$25 & up
Glossing and blow dry-$60 & up

(prices do not include haircuts)

Highlights –  Selected pieces of hair are lightened to enhance your  hair color. As subtle or bold as you like.

Lowlights – Darker pieces of hair  are placed in over lightened hair to add dimension or attention.

Foiling –Thin, thick or chunky pieces of hair are selected by weaving or slicing through the hair and protected individually by foil packets.

Combinations of permanent or deposit only color can create a customized look.

Color Balancing – During a retouch application, the ends that are faded are refreshed with a deposit only color for conditions and shine.

Glossing – Bring the shine back to your hair with this quick addition to any color services